Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bryan Photos

The following 3 photos are probably connected.  At least two of them are, as they both have the same address label affixed to the reverse.  I have been unable to locate any of these folks in the census with any certainty; several of them are identified with what is obviously a nickname.  They all share the name of "Bryan".

The first photo is identified as Uncle Quin Bryan and wife.  The photographer's stamp is Nelson-Long (possibly Lang) of Moxie, Kansas.  The address label on the reverse shows it once belonged to a Doris Lewis.

Only two of the ladies in this nice group photo are identified.  The second from the left is Minnie Bryan Moore and the fourth from the left is Zora (or maybe Tjora) Bryan Hutchinson.  The photographer stamp is Smith of Chicago.  This photo does not have an address label affixed, but I suspect it is related to the first photo because of the handwriting on the back, which has some of the same peculiarities in the "Q" of Quin and the "Z" of Zora.

The last does have the Doris Lewis address label on the back.  It is a post card format.  Only the middle lady has a full name given and the first name is obviously a nickname, "Tude" Bryan.  The lady on the left is identified as "Wealthy" (quotation marks included) and the initials E.W. are written in smaller writing at the end of that line, perhaps giving a further clue.  The lady on the right is only given the name Liz.

Again the handwriting on this third photo has some peculiarities that lead me to suspect that it may be tied to photo #2.


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