Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hunter Photos

Today we spotlight three photos that are more than likely connected.   This family has also been elusive and I've been unable to tie them down in the census records with any certainty.  All the photos were taken in Michigan and all are identified with similar handwriting.

The first photo is of a couple, Nora (or possibly Flora) and Mark Hunter.  The photographer's stamp is F. J. Payne of Coopersville, Michigan.

This lovely lady is "Aunt" Julia Hunter and is also denoted as "Mother's sister".  The photographer's stamp is H. C. Mann of 72 Canal St, Grand Rapids, Michigan.  (I have a theory about her maiden name.  There are two photos being posted tomorrow that I believe may tie in with this group and could possibly be the maternal side of the family.)

Finally we have "Uncle" Ora Hunter.  Ora is a somewhat unusual name for a man, although I've run into it several times in my own family research.  Still I feel he might be the key to connecting these three photos.  This photographer is also located at 72 Canal St, Grand Rapids, Michigan, but the name is The. Wolfe.  Possibly a partner of Mr. Mann or maybe a previous or future owner of the same photography studio where Julia's photo was taken.


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