Monday, May 12, 2014

John Hoffman Family Photograph

Some years ago I began to purchase old photos in antique stores.  It hurts to see old photos lying in a box in a booth, knowing that there is probably some genealogist out there somewhere who would love to have them.  Most of them are completely anonymous, but occasionally you find one with names and/or locations written on the back.  When the price allowed, I began to purchase these genealogical treasures, hoping that I might be able to reunite them with a family member.

Initially I posted these photos on my family website at An American Family, Rescued Ancestors . Many photos are available for viewing there and I will slowly try to transfer them to this blog as I am not currently attempting to update the website.

We will begin with a family portrait of the John Hoffman family.  It was taken by Anderson & Goodwin Co and their label on the back includes the following information:

Mr. John Hoffman & Family
Township Remsen
Size 3x4 (not sure what this means, as the print measures 10"x12")
No. 444
Style Family

In ink along the back edge is written the following names:
Nick, Margaret, Lena, Frances, Kate, Etta, Mary, Herman

This information allowed me to find the family in the 1880 and 1900 censuses:

1880, Plymouth County, Iowa
John, age 31, b. Luxemburg
Margaret, age 29
Margaret, age 5
Nick, age 4
Lena, age 1
Anna, age 2 months

1900, Remsen, Plymouth County, Iowa
John Hoffman, age 52, hotel keeper
Marerate, age 49
Nick, age 24
Lena, age 21
Franziska, age 15
Herman, age 12
Katherine, age 11
Etta, age 10


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