Monday, May 19, 2014

Lena Feris

This photo is identified the way you wish all photos would be.  Unfortunately, I am as guilty as anybody in not being thorough with identifying the photos in my own collection.  I should take a lesson here.

The photographer stamp shows Donaldson Studio, 927 F. Street, Washington, D. C.  I'm so glad I did not have to try finding a connection in Washington, D. C., because from what I find online this lady never lived anywhere close.  Perhaps this photo was taken while on a trip.

On the reverse is found the following information about Lena and her family:

     Lena Feris
     Fort Worth, Texas             Fannie mother/Perry father

     Fred, Perry, Bess, Myrtle, Marie, Leonard, Louis, Tootsie
     brothers and sisters

At the very bottom of the reverse is a notation of LUX 2-'09, which I theorize means this photo was taken in February of 1909.  Lena would have been 20 years old.

There are numerous public family trees in Ancestry that flesh the family out a bit.  Lena Agnes Feris was born 1889 in Bosque County, Texas.  In 1911 she married Carl Baylis Stolper in Tarrant County, Texas.  The couple lived for a period of time in Kansas but eventually moved back to Texas and Lena died in Baytown in 1979.  She is buried in Arlington, Texas.  I don't find any mention of children.

Lena's parents were Milton Perry Feris and Fannie Christine Drahn.  There are additional children shown in the online databases, but all the names shown fit into the posted records.  Fred was Charles Frederick, Perry was Milton Perry Jr., Marie was Mamie Marie, Louis was Henry Louis and Leonard was John Leonard.  Bess, Myrtle and Tootsie are shown with just those names in the records I found.

I was hopeful when I purchased this photo that it would fit into the Ferris/Farris family that my own family lines intermarried with, but it doesn't seem there is any connection.


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