Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Meal Time

When I purchased this photo, I knew it would be a walk in the park to figure out where these men came from.  They are all identified on the reverse and about half of them have unusual names. Should be a snap, right?

That would be no, actually.

I just knew that this was a group of friends getting together for a meal while on a hunting trip or some group activity like that.  Or maybe they all worked together on the same ranch.  And maybe I would never know why they were all eating together, but at least I would know what town they lived in.

I had no trouble finding some of the odder names in the census indexes for 1920, 1930 and 1940.  There might be a half dozen men in the index with that same unusual name, and once I found the next unusual name, I would be able to zero in on the common location.

But, alas, the unusually named men in this photo would have three or four matches across the United States but I never managed to get even two of them in the same place.

The only location given on the reverse is "Kitchen of the old house".  I'm thinking this dates to the 1930s era, but I'm not a expert on dating photographs so I really don't know.  This is a photograph that is printed on the reverse with Post Card markings.

The gentlemen breaking bread together (actually it looks like a big bowl of beans there in the middle) are identified as:

Oliver Gullickson
G. G. Hitchcock
Rob Taylor
Alex Johnson
Walter Smith
Will Eldred
Martin McEldowney
Frank Bollis
Mr. Trimbell (could be Tombell)
Lee Gilfillan


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