Friday, May 16, 2014

What a beautiful baby, Mrs. Davis!

Today's photo was rescued by friend Lana from an antique store in the Hill Country and she put in a little research effort to make a more definitive identification.

This sweet little baby was photographed by Farris of Corry, Pennsylvania (the stamp is a bit difficult to read, but I'm fairly sure that is what it says).

On the reverse is written Chas Sewall Davis, born Sept 8 '03, taken Dec 8 '03.

Lana found a record of Charles Davis in the Social Security Death Index.  Charles Davis was born September 8, 1903, and died June 1975.  His last residence is shown as Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania.

Further research into the census records found Charles S. Davis living with his family in Allentown Ward, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, in 1920.

Members of the 1920 household are:
Herbert W. Davis, age 38, a Burger at Hess Bros. Dry Goods
Bessie M. Davis, wife, age 36
Charles S. Davis, son, age 17
Eloise W. Davis, daughter, age 14
Belle H. Williams, mother-in-law, age 57
Hatte I Williams, sister-in-law, age 31


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