Monday, June 2, 2014

Young and In Love

I'm sure that a photo forensic specialist could place the time of this photo exactly from the clothing and hair styles.  I am going to hazard a guess that this was taken about 1911, just before their marriage.  The photographer was Williams of Fairfield, Jefferson County, Iowa.

The couple is identified on the reverse as Mr. and Mrs. Pearl Kirkhart.

Pearl Kirkhart is first seen in census records in 1900, living with his parents W. J. (Wyatt Jackson) and Maggie C. (Margaret Johnston) Kirkhart.  Wyatt and Margaret Kirkhart are parents of a number of children in addition to their son Pearl:  Rose, Roy, Effie Bell, Mary Etta, Ada May, John, William (not shown in the census, but included in an Ancestry family tree) and Robert.  In 1900 the family is living in Jackson, Van Buren County, Iowa.

In 1910, Pearl is a boarding and working as farm labor for a couple in Liberty, Jefferson County, Iowa.  Pearl took root in Jefferson County, Iowa, and all other records found for him show him residing there.

Pearl Kirkhart and Nora McKee were married in Jefferson County on February 21, 1911.  Nora was the daughter of Greer and Mary Ann (Tedrow) McKee.  Pearl and Nora had one child, Ethel Margaret, who lived only a few months, born on January 29, 1912, and died on May 1st of the same year.  Ethel is buried in Bethel Cemetery, Van Buren County, Iowa.

Pearl registered for the WWI draft, from which we get his birthdate of January 8, 1883,  that he lives in Libertyville, Iowa, married to wife Nora, and of medium height, medium build, blue eyes and brown hair.

From Ancestry public family trees, we confirm Pearl's birthdate and learn that he died on January 7, 1966.  Nora was born December 12, 1885, and died September 17, 1966.  Both are buried in Fell Cemetery, Libertyville, Iowa.

I find this young couple very attractive.  Nora reminds me a tiny bit of Eleanor Roosevelt here.  They look like nice folks.  I think this is a wedding portrait, although Nora is not wearing a ring on her left hand.  She does have what appears to be a band on the middle finger of her right hand.  Perhaps this is just prior to the wedding, perhaps the ring was too big, perhaps that band on her right hand is just a sentimental piece of jewelry.

They look so content here.  I feel bad that their only child did not live, and I hope that their lives were otherwise an enjoyable partnership.


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