Sunday, June 8, 2014

Photo Anomalies

Today the puzzle is one of conflicting dates.  These are two photos that I have no doubt were taken by the same person.  The composition, the identical printing stamps on the reverse, the fact that the dresses worn by the two women look enough alike to possibly be the same dress.  It wasn't so unusual in the time period that one dress might get multiple uses, especially a pricey wedding outfit.  The veils, too, look identical.

In the first photo, we also have a ring bearer and flower girl.  In the second photo, it appears that there were two flower girls.  Unfortunately, the identifications on the reverse do not name the children, only the brides and grooms.

Both photos are stamped as being developed by the Fox Co. in San Antonio, Texas.  There is a copyright date of 1927, which I would expect to correspond with the happy nuptial events.  

And herein lies the anomaly.  Both couples appear in the 1930 census of Lee County, Texas, both couples listed as married 1 year.  All I can surmise is that for some reason the photo stamp was not current when the snapshots were developed.

Although I was able to find both couples in the 1930 and 1940 census records, I was unable to find much else in the way of background.

The first happy couple (I hope they were happy, they don't seem to be too happy about having their picture taken), is identified as Richard Noack and Bertha Pillack.  Richard Paul Noack was born January 2, 1903 and died June 30, 1991.  There were a lot of Noacks in the Lee, Bastrop and Fayette County area and I have not been able to definitively tie him to any particular Noack family.

Bertha Anna Pillack was born August 27, 1903, to Carl Andreas "Ed"  and Clara (Faske) Pillack.  She died January 26, 1975, in Giddings, Texas.  

The couple had a stillborn daughter on December 17, 1929.  Another daughter, Helen Ruth, was born on February 12, 1932.

Both Richard and Bertha are buried in St. John's Lutheran Cemetery in Lincoln, Texas.

Do I blame the photographer or the couples?  This couple, too, looks like they are lined up in front of a firing squad.  Maybe one photo too many that day?

The couple here are identified as Carl Symmank and Lena Walters.  This turned out to be slightly in error, unless Carl was a nickname.  The groom was, in fact, Charlie Friedrich Symmank, born February 5, 1907, in Lincoln, Texas, to August and Augusta (Werner) Symmank.  He died on January 6, 1968.  (All of this information from his death certificate.)

Lena Frieda Walters Symmank's parents could not be identified.  She was born on March 22, 1907, and died on December 26, 1998.

Both are buried in the Ebenezer Cemetery in Manheim, Texas.

Carl and Lena had at least 3 children, listed on the 1940 census as Earl, age 10, Ruby, age 6, and Eddie, age 1.


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