Monday, June 30, 2014

Uncle Floyd Everhart

I guess it is not too surprising that I am finding linked photos in my collection, considering that most of the photos that hit antique stores are purchased in lots at estate and garage sales.  Here is another example of discovering that my chosen photo for the day is connected to photos from three previous blog entries.

The photographer's stamp for this photo is Bryant, 103 Monroe St., Grand Rapids, Michigan.  I found two listings for W. D. Bryant at this address in the City Directories for Grand Rapids, in 1895 and 1897.

I had no problem finding Floyd Everhart in the census records and there were a few family trees that gave the vital statistics.  I found no scandal or dramatic stories and no military information or newspaper articles, so it appears that Floyd Everhart was just an average person who lived an average life.

Floyd Johnson Everhart was born April 11, 1855, in Wayland, Michigan, a twin to brother Ephraim about whom I could find nothing more than mention in a lineage book.  I suspect he may not have lived to maturity, for in 1870 I find the family living in Ottawa County, Michigan, with the following household members:  father Samuel, a wagon maker, age 40 and born in New York; mother Eliza (Child), age 32 and also born in New York; Floyd, age 15; Carrie, age 12; and George, age 6.

Floyd married twice, the first time on November 29, 1877, to Mary Josephine Gilbert.  (It is Mary Josephine who provides the connections to the other blog entries, see below.)  Some of the family trees submitted to Ancestry show a son George, but I found nothing to support this fact.  In 1880 Floyd's brother George is shown in the household with Floyd and Josephine and could have been confused for a child of the couple.  George is also enumerated in his father's household, but it is easy to see that the two Georges are the same person, being the same age and the same occupation of "varnisher".  Still, I was unable to locate Floyd in the 1900 census and by the time he reappears in 1910, any children could have been grown and out on their own, so it could very well be that he had a son he named for his younger brother.

The death records for Michigan reveal that Mary Josephine died on March 23, 1895, in Grand Rapids.  Four years later Floyd remarries on May 5, 1899, to Louisa Farr (who was entering her third marriage). Floyd and "Luella" are living in Grand Rapids in 1910, where Floyd is working as a grocer.  In 1920, Floyd and "Lula" have moved to Walker in the same county and Floyd has taken up farming.  Floyd died on August 2, 1928, in Wyoming, Kent County, Michigan.  I was not able to locate the cemetery where he was buried.

Now for the threads of connection within this blog.  Mary Josephine Gilbert was the daughter of Thomas and Deantha (Ackerman) Gilbert.   One of her brothers was Warren Joseph Gilbert, who was the first husband of Maude Bristol Gilbert Alexander Bush, whose story was told in Endurance.  It turns out that Julia Hunter, one of the photos discussed in Hunter Photos is also a Gilbert sibling.  There may be connections to the Haas Photos as well since as I mentioned elsewhere the handwriting on all of these photos is strikingly familiar.

Extraneous note and confession...I thought when I began to research Floyd's records that he  was going to prove to be connected with the preacher who ministered to the folks around McDade for years and years.  I dug out the pastor's obituary, confident that I was onto a solid connection, only to be reminded that the beloved minister was Eberhart and not Everhart.  Oh, well.


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